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Recruitment Process for Overseas Employment

The Pre-Approval from Department of Foreign Employment is received once the above listed 5 POA documents are acquired.

The advertisement will be placed in National Daily Newspaper as per the requirement of the company.

All the candidates are pre-screened by the recruitment agencies, prior to final interview by the Company and only those short listed in the Pre-Screening will make it to the final interview.

The short listed candidates in the Pre-Screening will be referred to the Final Interview by the company representative. In some cases candidates are selected through CV or selected by the recruitment agencies on agency guarantee selection basis.

The final selected candidates are referred for Medical tests by the recruitment agencies

The Medically Fit candidates will take 12 hours orientation class organized by recruitment agencies. This is a pre- departure classes and the candidates will be made known about the laws and regulations of the country they are travelling to, safety measures, departure system and other important subjects are talked about to the candidates.

Once the candidates have successfully cleared the orientation class, the visa endorsement process will take place. For some countries visa is stamped and for other countries Paper Visa is sent.

The Final Approval is provided again by the Department of Foreign Affairs prior to the deployment of candidates.

Within 45 days of completing all the above process, the candidates will finally be deployed to respective countries


1. Demand Letter: Demand letter should be addressed to Nominated Recruitment Agencies., License no ……/…../…….. The letter should include details of the workers, nature of job with required category, salary, duty hours, food and accommodation facilities, overtime, transport, insurance of workers, residence permit and other benefits.
2. Power of Attorney: Power of Attorney is a legal confirmation, on behalf of employer, for selection of manpower. This authorizes the Nominated Recruitment Agencies License no ……./……./…….. for sending workers legally.
3. Employment Contract: The employing company provides employment agreement to the employee as per demand letter.
4. Service Agreement: Employing Company should provide service agreement between company and recruitment agency in Nepal.
5. Guarantee Letter: The employing company should not transfer any workers to another country without approval of competent Nepal Government authorities.