Top Actors in Nepal

Top Actors in Nepal

Nepali movies have undergone a steady transformation with many movies making a safe landing lately. The actors casted for the movies may be a contributing factor as it may not be wrong to say that they can single-handedly guide the movie towards success. So, in view of the recent trend, the makers of the movie leave no stone unturned in signing the actors of their choice. The money received by the actor is proportional to their stardom. If you have ever wondered who the top paid actors in Nepal, we give you a list of top paid actors in Nepal

5. Aryan Sigdel

One of the best looking actors of Nepal, Aryan Sigdel is an actor who has a lot of followers especially in the female category. He made his acting debut from the movie Kismat and gone on to play a number of films including the hit movie, Mero Euta Sathi Cha. Furthermore, his portrayal of Jay Shumsher Junga Bahadur Rana is regarded to be one of the best male character ever depicted in Nepali silver-screen.

He studied at Dipendra Police School and later completed his schooling from Mangloday High School, Thankot. A very good student in school, Aaryan went to Ratna Rajya College. With the desire of becoming an actor, he started taking acting lessons and could not complete his studies. He started taking acting lessons from Pariwartan Nepal, a theater troupe with whom Aaryan has participated in several street plays as well.
At the age of just 31, it seems that he is just approaching his heydays. And it is comes barely as a surprise that he is one of the highest paid actors in Nepal.

4. Jiwan Liutel

Success is the first thing that strikes our mind when the name Jiwan Luitel is talked about. Jiwan Luitel is a Nepalese actor who made his debut in the Nepali film industry in 2007 with ‘Tirkha’. Although his career in the Nepali film industry took a rapid start after his debut, he had managed to gain the limelight in 2002, when he was graced with the title of Mr. Nepal.

At the age of just 34 years, his illustrious career includes 25 movies till this date. His voice is enough to mesmerize the audience. His remarkable acting skills can be seen in movies like Sano Sansar (2008), Nai nabhannu la (2010), Andaz(2011), Notebook(2013).

He received the award of KTV best debutant actor for his film Nasib Aafno in 2010 and also awarded as Best Actor in National Films Award for Maliti Ko Bhatti in 2013. His popularity can be thoroughly seen just by one song Simple Simple of his movie Andaaz.
He even launched his own mobile app at a ceremony in Kathmandu which was created by SunBi creations in the year 2014. The reason for him to come up with such an idea was because he was rejected by a unit in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Doobara in Mumbai audition because he had submitted his curriculum-vitae in a CD-ROM. The actor then realized the importance of keeping up with technology leading him to launch his own mobile app.

3. Dayahang Rai

A small package with a big bang is what best describes Mr Dayanhang Rai. Regarded as one of the biggest movie stars of Nepal, Mr Dayahang Rai started his career in the early 2000’s. Dayahang Rai is known for portraying different characters without much difficulty. Such is his talent that he fits easily into any genre, be it comedy, romance or serious roles which has spilled success for many movies like Kabaddi, Loot and so on. He has won National Award for the best actor too.

Dayahang Rai belonged to a middle class family. He came to Kathmandu in the year 2001 to pursue his undergraduate degree in journalism. However he could not do well in his studies and decided to engage himself in stage acting and drama. Dayahang is one of the leading actors of Nepal and the sum of 4-5 lakhs that he charges per movie is worth every penny. His acting skills does not cease to amaze us in every role he plays.

2. Saugat Malla

Saugat Malla is a name which has become more popular amongst the youths as of late. The one role he portrayed in the movie ‘Loot‘, namely ‘Hakku Kale’ propelled him to stardom. He has not looked back ever since. But Saugat Malla was not born with a silver spoon. He has struggled to climb the summit and has been successful so far. He is considered to be one of the most talented actors of Nepal havingcome from the prestigious background of Gurukul theater. His acting skills were first seen in the movie Kagbeni thereby acquiring widespread acclaim.
Saugat Malla is a name which assures the movie to be a success. His acting prowess is acknowledged by many and he is one of the most in-demand actors in Nepal. It comes as a no surprise that he charges 4.5-5.5 lakhs per movie as per our sources.

1. Rajesh Hamal

The most popular actor in the history of Nepal movie industry and the only superstar of our nation. Words fall short in describing the legend himself. Popularly known as “Rajesh dai” throughout the nation, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he stands at the top of the food chain. Such is the magnitude of this star, that people have fondly made jokes in which Rajesh Hamal is able to do anything and everything. The name Rajesh Hamal, itself is sufficient to guarantee the success of a movie. Any movie he is associated with, is bound to be a successful movie. Till date he has acted in more than 200 films and has been going head strong in the Nepali film industry since more than two decades

He has won many awards for the roles he portrayed in the movies including National Film Awards, NEFTA Film Award to name a few. Alongside he has often contributed in social works and has come out in the open to state his feelings towards his fans or the political scenario of the nation.
Its no wonder that makers of the film industry try to sign this Maha-Nayak for a role in their films and he is the highest grossing actor in Nepal. ‘Rajesh dai’ reportedly earns around 6-7 lakhs per film

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